Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breathing Again

Falling, so fast and far and deeper into the chasm
The cold, wet walls passing so fast and far and deeper
But what will you do when the water comes rushing up
Icy fingers reaching to kill your burning heart?

As the waters rush about and grope in the dark
As the million mutes screaming without a sound
Can your frozen hands and feet swim in this world?
Or will your surface become your seafloor?

Trapped in the atmosphere so thin and harsh
Where words and sounds echo in empty memory
Struggling in silk threads around your heart and lungs
While the bitter worn eats at your Muse’s hands

As the walls grow closer, the wind blows stronger
Water everywhere, emptiness tugging at weary lungs
How can anyone breathe in this breathless world?
Do you dare to take off this cold, metal respirator?

Do you dare to breathe the cool, evening air again?
Letting the pain of fresh air burn within you
And the beating of your heart remind you that you are still alive
That you can AND WILL survive

Let it go, let it go, let it go
Let it fall, and break upon the floor
May you breathe the untouched air again
Unfiltered, unashamed, unchanged, untouchable

Beating, breathing, living, loving
Building, basking, lasting, learning

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