Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Foolish Nobleman

Once there was a noble man
Who rode a noble horse
And horse and man travled far
Upon a dangerous course

They rode far off to distant lands
Crusaders where they true
But did they ever reach those sands?
Did they do what they set out to do?

For a treacherous road they did take
As could be rightly seen
On one side dropped the world away
In a steep ravine

The other side was worser still
For there lirked vexation
In the wheeling mists were figures
Offering every temptation

The noble man had taken this path
Arogantly thinking he was fine
He thought he could whether all things
And reach the end in time

So when he set out he galloped fast
The steed did carry him well
But before he had gone too far
Into the mists he fell

For there he though he had seen
A mountain of rich gold
And wanting to take some with
To keep when he was old

But no mountain did he find
Though he sought day and night
Then in the mists he almost died
So he galloped off in fright

He went a while further then
Resolute to keep his way
However he soon persued again
In less than a day

For the man was noble and weak too
And thought he aspied a girl
One whose beauty and grace
Was worth risking the world

But when he reached her, woe to him,
A tree in the fog it was only
So he sought his way back again
Miserable and lonely

The horse was still waiting there
For the foolish noble man
And so they continued on again
To follow the first plan

On and on the noble man went
His progress ever slow
For he would not go too far
Before into the mists he would go

And more than once had he almost
Ran over the ravine
For in the mists were malicious things
And calling things unseen

And now you may very well ask
Whether this man did reach
The place he set out to find
And a lesson there to teach

But I cannot tell you where
The man is this day
For we must each and everyone
Help him find his way.

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  1. That was really good. It makes you think.