Monday, April 13, 2009

Green Grey

So for people who have more than one eye color they can combine the poems that include their colors, kinda something like this:


Green are the lights that dance in the north
Grey is the light of the pale moon
Green is the world when the new life comes forth
Grey is the sky when dawn comes soon

Green are your eyes, alive with energy
Grey are your eyes, mysteries they keep
Brimming with laughter, hope, and vitality.
Sparkling with magic when others sleep

I guess could just write a few lines of verse for all of them, but I’m too lazy. It would end up still being a synthesis, something like this:

Greenish Grey

Greenish grey is the ocean’s mighty waves
Greenish grey are the dew decked grass blades
Greenish grey, your eyes keep mysteries of life
Magic laughter, serene and without strife

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