Friday, April 10, 2009


dedicated to everyone with blue eyes

Blue is the light in the early morn hour
Blue is the sun’s heavenly bower
Blue is the sky with cotton ball clouds
Blue is the mantle, the stars enshrouds

Blue is the clear waters of the sea
Blue are the rivers running eternally
Blue is the sweet springs and lakes
Blue is the frozen glacial wakes

Blue is the bird and mighty whale
Blue is the robin’s egg so frail
Blue is butterfly’s paperthin wings
Blue is the berry, of all things

Blue is the color of your eyes
Blue is the windows so full of surprise
Blue is constant no matter smile or frown
I look in your blues and almost drown.


  1. aw, shucks, now you didn't have to go write that for me ;P. jk

    well done! now you do realize you'll have to be equally verbose for every other eye color imaginable... i can't wait to see what you do for people who have two different colored eyes...

  2. Ummm.... I think those who have more than one eye color can just take all the poems for all the colors they have and mix them into each other. I'll give an example once I'm done with Hazel, green, and brown... and the last mystery color. :D