Monday, March 23, 2009

When Love Lost Home

Broken glass falls through naked darkness
There is no more love left in this crimson shade
Where will the rivers run if not to the sea?
But what happens when the sea disappears?
What happens when love finds no home?

When you loosed your bow’s arrow,
Did you think I would not bleed as well?
Men bleed with their hearts and hands
And suddenly I find myself here in hell
See what happens when love looses his home.

Shatter on reality, shatter onward and break
Time has ever been my friend and enemy
Yesterday was bleak with a glimmer of light
Today you have killed the light, the sun
And all turned to numbness

Time for another mask to be made
Crafted smiled and eyes that dance with pain
I have worn masks before and know how to die
While smiling on the outside, and rotting
Breaking, shattering, smashing

Where has the sun gone?
Where is the sea?
Where has your love run?
Why have you killed me?

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