Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Psalm of Frustrations

What is this inside my heart?
Look beyond the veil if you can
A weight weighs down so hard
Frustrates me, I don’t understand
What is this thing God?
Why does honey turn bitter at the taste?
Hands that yearn to grip their tools
Despise their labor as mere waste
This hidden thing so deep
In my soul it frustrates to no end!
God! God! These hands cry out!
In mercy, let Your answer send!

A drop of that which is precious to You.
What can I, a mere man, do?

I am frustrated! But by who? By what?
No with you Lord, definitely not
Only goodness, kindness, and mercy
Have I ever from You got.
With my family? No. Friends? No!
With my life? My love? My place?
No! No! A Hundred times no!
Am I frustrated at my own face?

A breakthrough. A glimmer.
A silence one more time.
A hit close to the mark.
Missed it barely by a dime.

I see my face. I see their faces.
They all suffer and I am man.
What is this true burden?
What I’d do. I can’t but would can!
Faces before me of starving children
Crying for a tender word, or act
One thing to show Your love exists
That it’s beyond consolation. Fact.

This is my frustration and birther of others
This which seeks to show them tenderness.
But my arms aren’t wide enough.
Time my enemy. My heart is not endless.

A whisper. Your whisper.
And all the Heavens grow still.
My being is broken before Your coming.
My soul in terror and thrill.

“Your arms are not wide enough.
But mine can reach them all.
Your love is not deep enough.
Mine springs up, bright and tall.
Your heart is not big enough.
Yet it is still after Mine.
Align your hands also now.
No more to wrestle with time.
Not by might, nor by your power,
Never was it to come from you.
But by My Spirit and My Love
Will I work the work of love through you.”

Now I sing because I am happy!
And I sing because I am free!
I have brought to Him my burden
And He has laid it upon me!
Who is there that have eyes to see?
Is there to be found anyone?
That can see into this mystery
Of what the LORD has done!

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