Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Psalm to the Creator

Great is the LORD! How great is He!
Who thought and caused the universe to be,
He smiled and stars came into the night
He spoke and there was purest light

He breathed the sun into the blue sky
He gathered the clouds and taught them to fly
He laughed and the thunder's roars did abound
He danced and the Northern Lights danced around

Great is the LORD! Great is His hand,
Who reached into water and brought forth the land
Who touched the earth and made green things grow
All this a mere fraction of His greatness to show

He kneeled in the mud, that eath to bless
He shaped a figure, in His likeness
He sang as His fingers made the secret things
He gave His own spirit to make humans into beings

How great is the Father, His love He has shown
To give us a world, this planet as home
With the clear blue sky, and the deep blue sea
The green grasslands and the forests of trees.

How great is the Maker, the Great God of Heaven
Who made atom and supernova in days less than seven
How great is Creator God, to YHWH be all praise
His glory was there before and will continue always

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