Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Analise and the Moon

It was bedtime in the big white house on the corner of Lakeview and Pine St. It was a big house with a bright yellow door and big windows that let out the light inside. Inside of the big house with the yellow door lived the Crescent family. There was Mr. Crescent, Mrs. Crescent, and their children, Andre and little Analise Crescent.

Analise was five years old and carried her teddy bear George everywhere she went. Every night when it got dark and the stars came out, Mrs. Crescent would walk into the room and tuck little Analise in. When she tucked her in she would sing a beautiful song, while she turned on the night light next to Analise’s bed. Then Mr. Crescent would come in, check under her bed for monsters before giving her, and George, a good night kiss.

It was bedtime again and Mr. and Mrs. Crescent had tucked Analise in for the night. They both walked out the door. Analise’s eyes grew heavy as she began to nod off. But just as her eyes were about to close she heard a gentle voice whisper next to her ear.

“Are they all gone?”

“Yes, I think so.” Then she sat up, “George I never knew you could talk!”

“Oh. Why yes. I can. Funny I thought you knew.” Said the teddy bear, who seemed to have grown a bit in size. “But never mind that Analise. We have to go! We have to go! Quickly the blanket!”

And with one quick move the teddy bear had hoped off the bed with Analise and grabbed her pink blanket. He quickly folded the blanket around her arms and took her hand. They walked towards the window. George threw the window open.

“Come on Analise! Its time to go! Its time to fly! We have to go!”

And the two hoped out of the window. As the wind made the blanket billow out, Analise saw she was flying across the sky. The bright city lights were all under her and the bright stars over her.

“George! I’m flying!” she yelled.

“Good! Flap your arms like wings! Flap! Flap! There you go! We’re almost there.”

“Where are we going George?” Analse asked.

“To the white castle. Look up! Do you see? The moon is missing.” George said pointing up.

“Its gone.” Analise said with wide eyes. “Where did it go?”

“Well, a mischievous little boy stole the moon and hid it far, far away. The only way to get it back is to go to the white castle. There we can ask the Queen of the Moon where it is.” George said as they flew down farther.

They flew and the flew, across mountains and streams, over forest and meadows and houses and cities. They flew until they came to the great Star Forest. They landed and began walking into it. The forest had giant trees with big stars on them that shone like Analise’s nightlight.

“Why are we in the Star Forest, George?” asked Analise.

“Because, we have to get directions to the castle. In this forest is someone who can help us.” said George.

But then from above them they saw another person land in the forest. It was a boy, with messy brown hair. He had a blanket tied around his neck like Analise’s, but his was blue and had its corner torn. He reminded Analise of her brother Andre.

“Oh! A little girl and a teddy bear? You two aren’t trying to get the moon back are you? Because you’ll never find it. I hid it far away. And, this forest has the big, hairy, tickle monster in it!” Then the boy spread his blanket and flew away.

“Oh no! George! The tickle monster! What will we do?” said Analise afraid.

“I don’t know. Wait, what’s that?” asked George pointing to someone coming towards them.

It was a man, tall and in shining armor. He rode on a big brown horse and he had a long lance in his hand. The Knight walked towards Analise and stepped down. He took of his helmet and his face reminded Analise of her daddy’s.

“Hello there little one. What are you doing in the Star Forest this time of night? Shouldn’t you be in bed?” the Knight asked smiling.

“Yes. But someone took the moon. George and I are going to the white castle so that we can get the moon back.” Said Analise. “But now we are in the Star Forest and we don’t know which way to go. And there are tickle monsters out there.”

“Tickle monster?” the Knight said smiling, “Don’t you believe the stories that boy told you. There are no such things as monsters. But here, you and George can ride on my horse and I will take you out of the Star Forest. You don’t have to be afraid, I will protect you.”

“Thank you.” Analise said, and got on the horse with George.

They rode and they rode across small creeks and big trees. They rode until they came to the very end of the Star Forest. And there, at the very end of the Star Forest was the big mountains. They were very very tall and reached up and up. Their tops were covered in snow and there was no way over them.

“Don’t worry Analise.” Said the Knight. “I will take you to the road that goes between the Mountains. There is a small house that you can rest in.”

“Thank you Knight!” Analise called as she and George flew across the path to the House.

The path was long and winding as it moved towards the big mountains. Analise and George were getting tired and hungry as they flew. When they couldn’t go any further they had reached the house. It was a small cottage and the smell of delicious cakes were coming from inside.

“Hello?” called the small girl.

“Why hello there.” Said an old woman that walked up to the door, “I’m Grandmother Celeste, but you can call me Granny.”

“I’m Analise and this is my bear George.” Said the girl with a curtsey.

“Ahh. I thought I recognized you.” The old woman smiled, “I never forget one of my own grand children. Come in, come in. Its almost tea time.”

The girl and the bear were carried on a large pillow by four big cats, each gripping a corner with their tails. The four cast carried the two up the path next to the cottage, and there they came to a small white gate. The gate opened up the beautiful garden and in the middle of the garden was a table and three chairs.

“Come here Analise. You too George.” said Granny Celeste who was already sitting at the table. “Come and have tea with me.”

They two came and sat with the Grandmother and they talked and ate cake and drank delicious tea together. From where they sat they could see far away the sun’s light at the horizon. It was almost dawn and Analise had not found the moon yet.

“Yes, you must hurry. When we are done with tea my cat-servants will show you the way to the Full Moon River. There you must follow the river until it comes to the Moon Lake. Where the Lake and the Pine Forest meet stands the White Castle.”

“Thank you Granny.” Said Analise with a smile.

“You’re very welcome. And I have a present for you too.” Granny said as she reached into a box beside her. “For George, a red balloon, to carry you where you need to be. And for Analise, a pair of ballet shoes. When you dance with these shoes magical things will happen.”

Then Analise was wrapped firmly in her pink blanket and kissed on the forehead. She flew from the mountain and followed the cat-servants that were jumping from cloud to cloud. Behind her George was holding on to his balloon as the wind blew him back and forth.

They soon came to the Full Moon river. But there was no way to cross it, and no boat for them to ride to the Lake. But Analise remembered her Grandmother’s special ballet shoes and put them on. She began to dance and as she danced she danced right onto the water. But as along as she was dancing she didn’t fall in, only danced on it like it was not water but ground.

Analise danced all the way down the river to the big Lake. She danced all the way up the shore of the lake back onto the grass. Then she fell down in the grass laughing. She really loved to dance. George floated down beside her on his red balloon and soon they were on their way. They finally came to the place where the Lake and the Pine Forest came together. And there it was. The White Castle.

It was a giant castle with a giant yellow gate and large windows. From inside the castle they heard someone singing. They walked in and there they found the Queen of the Moon. She was sitting in her big chair singing a sad song. She stopped when she saw Analise and George come in.

“Hello Your Majesty.” said Analise with a curtsey.

“Why hello little Analise. What are you doing here?” said the Queen.

“George and I have come to save the moon. Do you know where the bad boy hid the moon?” Analise asked.

“No, but I can call the moon with a song. But the problem is, I need four people to sing the song with me for the moon to come back.” Said the Queen.

“I know who can help you sing the song Queen.” Said Analise.

“I can help.” Said George with his red balloon.

“I can help.” Said the Knight from the Star Forest.

“I can help.” Said Granny Celeste from the Mountains.

“And I can help.” Said Analise.

“You will all help me bring the moon back?” said the Queen. “Thank you.”

And then they all sang the song. It sounded like something Analise had heard before. It began with the words “twinkle, twinkle little star..” Analise saw the Queen carry something to the castle wall. It started to shine. It was a night light. The light became brighter and then the big white moon jumped out of the night light and floated up to the sky.

“Good night Analise.” Said the Queen.

“Good night, Mommy.” Analise yawned.

“Sleep tight Analise.” Said the Knight.

“Good night, Daddy.” Said Analise.

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” said the Bad Boy.

“Andre! Go to bed little mister.” said Mrs. Crescent.

“Sweet Dreams.” said Granny Celeste.

“Good night Granny.” Whispered Analise as she fell asleep.

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