Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Psalm of Supplication

When the world turns colder,
You are my pillar of fire
When the storms rage around me,
You are my secret shelter
When all the world turns to shadow,
You are my guiding light
Now when all hope has abandoned me,
Be my comfort, O God
In this hour and day of darkness,
when the sun rose black in the sky
I have looked only unto Your face,
O Keeper of my life
Guide me now, in Your beautiful way
Guide me LORD and let me not loose my way
Once Your servant called wisdom a woman
Crying out in the streets to all who would heed
Where are you wisdom? I would take your words
And cherish them all my days
Where are you, now that my inner most being
Is broken, abhorrent to my very soul?
When hope dies, God, You are my Strength
When love fails, Jesus, You are my Loving Arms
When sorrow comes, Spirit, You are my Comfort
O Father, heal my heart, as only You can
I will wait upon You, even if I must wait all day
I will remain here, in this place, and wait
I will wait for Your promise and purpose
And when the world turns brighter, still, I will wait for You
For without Your love and hope now, I will die

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