Sunday, March 8, 2009

Art in LDT

The Haikus

The wind blows strongly
Upon the unmoving stone
But has no affect

Silly howler ape
In your treetop evergreen
Yelling at the sun

The small fire ant
Though tiny, with its one bite
Moves the elephant

The Lament of Boredom
O Weary Load of Loathsome Wind!
When, O when will this river end?
It runs and runs ever forth!
Tossed neath currents, drowned by froth

O Mountain lacking any snow!
How far will your river go?
Crashing, breaking, pouring waves
On and on and on for days!

The wind blows hard upon the ground
But when gone, where will words be found?
Empty echoes on memory's deaf stone
Where wind goes by and all is alone.


  1. lol! Good stuff! See, Small group leaders training was productive! ;)

  2. haha... i think i laughed harder at your title than the poems ;) although they were well done too. you should see some of the stuff i write during classes. oh, wait, no i don't... :P