Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter's Ills

Just thought I'd share the wisdom:

"The woods begin to lose the beauty of their spreading boughs, and the proud oke must stoop to the axe; the squirrell now surveyeth the nut and maple, and the hedgehogge rowels up himself like a football; the fruit of the grape heats the stomake of the aged. Down beds and quilted cappes are now in the pride of their service... The hare and hound puts the huntsman to his horne; fishermen now have a cold trade, and travellers a foule journey; the shephearde hath a bleak seat on the mountaine. To conclude, I hold it a time of little comfort-the rich man's charge and the poore man's misery."
-Nicholas Breton's Fantasticks: Serving for a Perpetuall Prognostication(1626)

"People who are often troubled with cold feet will find a simple and effective remedy is to bathe them in cold water night and morning. A little red pepper dusted into the stockings will do much to prevent this unpleasant affliction."
-Annie Randall White's Twentieth Century Etiquette (1900)

Just a random thought of the day: "Winter causes mankind to grow cold"

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