Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Princess in the Dawn: Part 3


The next day the Prince returned to the place but she was not there. He gathered all his scholars and asked them why she would not be there. After much research they told the Prince that it was because of the moon’s face changing. He asked them how he could see her, if there was any other way. They told him he would have to wait a month or chase the full moon.

The Prince decided to follow the moon. Every day he rode or sailed for 300 miles until dawn, and then in dawns early light he would see her, hold her, and say good bye in the few short minutes they had. And then he would begin the chase after the dawn again. Over seas, mountains, rivers, and fields he chased her and the dawn. He saw cities, places, peoples, but never stayed or lingered, always followed the moon and the dawn.

For almost a month this continued until he had traveled around the world and was once again back in the Enchanted Woods. But this time, gone were the heavy roots and the thick vines. The trees parted as he walked in, and wearily he rode to the clearing by the pool and the willow throne, and collapsed from exhaustion.

Then there was a flash of light, and the witch stood before him again. She looked down at the sleeping Prince and touched her scraggily black shawl. In that instant she was changed again and was once more the beautiful Fairy Queen. A soft white light enveloped her as she stood over the prince, smiling.

Then the full moon and sun’s lights mixed in the dawn light, and Princess Lily appeared in the forest. She walked to the sleeping prince, running to his side and looking up at the Fairy Queen with fear.

“Please, can you help him? I love him. With all my heart. I can’t bare to lose him.” spoke the Princess near tears.

“I cannot help him. But you can. One kiss from you and he will be restored. But it will cost your life, your mother’s, and your father’s.” She spoke as the Boar-King appeared behind her.

The Princess did not even say anything or think for a second. She leaned down and kissed the Prince, who was enveloped in a soft, warm, golden light. He slowly opened his eyes and looked upon the Princess surrounded by the cool light of the Fairy-Queen.

“Is it dawn already?” he asked smiling.

“Rise, Prince Magnus.” Spoke the Fairy Queen with authority, “This girl has given her life to save yours. I think thanks would be in order.”

“What? No! Don’t!” He said, looking Lily in the eyes and then holding her close. “No, if you need someone to die, take me instead.”

“Take us both. We can’t live without each other.” Lily said softly burying her face in Magnus’ chest.

“Well, I can only permit one to live.” said the Fairy Queen, then smiled. “So if you were to become married right now, you would be one. Then both of you could live. Do you wish to be married?”

“Yes! I do!” said Prince Magnus glowing still.

“I do too.” Princess Lily spoke smiling.

“Good. Then I guess I will let you live, as husband and wife. You may kiss now.” The Fairy Queen smiled as she turned to leave.

Magnus and Lily kissed and retuned to the castle, where there was much celebrating. The Old Queen regained her health and the Boar-King retuned as well, restored by the Fairy-Queen for helping Magnus, and so they ruled once more. Magnus and Lily returned to his kingdom and became King and Queen. On the day of the birth of their first daughter, they invited the Fairy Queen to be her godmother. At the celebration, the Fairy Queen spoke to her servant, the white stag.

“So it seems you were wrong.” spoke the Stag.

“Ah. But I wasn’t. It only seems that I was mistaken. Everything went according to plan.” The Fairy-Queen said smiling.

“So you were testing them both the whole time?” she asked the Queen with shock.

“Magnus and Lily were not prepared yet to truly love each other. They needed to grow up first. That is why I hid Lily in the sunrise and sent Magnus to chase after her. Both grew up. And now the two kingdoms will live at peace forever.”

“And everything has been set to right?” asked the Stag.

The Fairy-Queen smiled coyly as she answered, “Yes, they will live happily ever after.”


The End

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