Monday, January 12, 2009

Whispers of the Heart

Another one of those nights,
Where everything inside of me aches,
Just to hold you in my arms
And listen to your heart beat

Your laughter like the sun’s lights,
Soothes and shivers my heart breaks
You have enticed me with your charms,
The essence of your soul so sweet

Where, where, where are you love
Why, why, not here beside me?
Come, softly sweetly too
Love, oh my love, hurry, I beg you!

Can a child cry with none to comfort her?
Can a bird live but never sing or fly?
Can the artist see the sunrise and not paint him?
So also my heart cannot beat without yours.

Love! Love! Come quickly! Love!
My breath stops in my lungs!
My song in my heart is trapped!
Love! Love! You have undone my being.

I will run. Run. Run! Till I cannot run anymore!
I will jump, and chase the sunrise with joy!
I will find you, in your secret place between night and day!
I will shout from the mountain to the sunrise of my love

Because these are the whispers of my heart,
In the late evening hours of the night,
When your face comes to me in softest sleep
And I am haunted by the ache of the beat of my heart.

1 comment:

  1. jean this is so beautiful and sad and hopeful all at the same time... it perfectly captures the feeling you're writing about... perfectly! masterpiece, my friend :).