Friday, January 30, 2009

A Different Perspective

Oh what a night, so thrilling and free
When danced we did, just you and me
We flew back and forth, with grace and ease
This moment I would in time and memory freeze

But my power avails not, for even while we talked
As stars shone bright, and in the garden we walked
A lone bell rung out, so clear and strong and proud
And then you were gone, before the twelfth brazen sound

And now I stand alone, here upon this crimson stair
Where have you run, O My Fairy Queen, Ever Fair?
Why have you left, so sudden and with so much haste?
Why did you not leave me a sign, a marker I could chase?

But even as thoughts of despair and anguish fill my soul,
What a wondrous sight on the crimson ground to behold
For there in the scarlet heavens glimmered a lone starry light,
A single slipper of glass, shining clear and bright

Oh the chase is on now, O My Princess, My Queen!
For I may be a mere mortal, unskilled in things unseen
But now I have a clue, of glass and memories sweet
And soon I will find you, again our eyes shall meet

I will chase you, find you, pursue you as none have before
To see you face, hear your voice for the rest of my days or just once more
To be your shelter, your keep, your arms, your umbrella
I will find you, keep you, love you forever my Cinderella

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