Thursday, January 22, 2009

To the Serene Moon

As evening came upon a green hill I lay
The stars appearing at the fading of day
As I looked upon night’s inky hue
There among cold stars I saw you

You arose to heaven clothed in light
Stars even faded as you shone so bright
O Lamp of the Night, your face so fair
Yet deep in your eyes I saw sadness you bare

O Evening Light, as you stepped into the sky
Your face was changed, I know not why
But this change in you has filled me with fear
For it threatens the night hours held so dear.

O Luna, say not that your face has turned,
Nor speak of anything but philos yearned
Daughter of Diana there cannot be a way
For I’m a Son of Apollo made to love Day

O Sorrowful Artemis, hear my words clearly,
For you are sister to Aurora, whom I love so dearly
Bow of the Eve, let not Eros draw his own,
For I wish not the Moon be heartbroken and alone.