Friday, January 16, 2009

Seasons Made of Clocks

As spring’s flowers bloom around,
The sweet song of the birds abound,
In dawn’s bright childhood I found you
Neath blooming branches covered in dew

And time passed and seasons change
I’ll stand right here sunshine or rain
As clocks go spinning round and round
By your side, I’ll always be found

Summer’s sun kisses the sea
As sky blue waves crash ‘pon you and me
Growing up together in the bright sun
Destinies entwined, as hearts became one

And seasons change while time walk on
Reaping of things said and done
As sands keeps flowing in the hourglass
To each other we still hold fast

Autumns leaves fall in the breeze
The soft glow of life and all its memories
A long road behind us in golden twilight
Always together when we stood to fight

And seasons pass like in a dream
Lives come and go like vapor and steam
As their clocks keeps circling over again
When all’s said and done, I’m with you my friend

Here comes Winter’s frosty bite,
The clear stars frozen in the night
One journey finished another comes near
Together we’ll face it, I have no fear

Because time passes on towards eternity
But some things last longer with certainty
And when clocks stop ticking altogether
Our bond won’t be broken even till forever


  1. What a beautiful poem, Jean! Bravo!

  2. ken jy Salvador Dali? Die clocks het my laat dink van hom. Ek hou baaie van hierdie, dit heriner my van ons kinder daa. Jammer as el nou als verkeerd gespel het :)