Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Secrets Kept in Glass Boxes

Your tears of ice have moved my soul
Of whispers made by darkest candlelight
Your words of silk have reached their goal
Breaking stones laid down in youth’s pure sight

Your vows unspoken and subtle eyes
These chains of light, adamant, and air
Your anchor bout your neck you tie
Your mask of indifference you wear

Your cries in night’s darkest hour
Thru my ears have settled in my mind
Your logic that you weave with power
Tears down all my work that it can find

You gaze at me with earth green eyes
To seek an answer that you may never see
You scold me with your night blue eyes
For the things that are yet to be

Secrets kept in glass boxes
And promises made to the moon
Like sly and clever thieving foxes
Will break many hearts all too soon

One calls to me across the darkness
Cloaked in midnight’s veil to hear sense
One hides her heart in mists and starkness
Wishing me to cross the line, the fence

One calls me with eyes of laughter
And a small seed of hope in the ground
The decision is still to come, but then after
Where He calls me there I will be found


  1. i don't know if you meant it to be, but this is probably one of your most intense poems!!! (in a good way :)

    well done, it's captivating from the start

  2. dis baai, baai mooi. Ek wens net jy kon naame by sit :)
    en ek stem saam met die meisie wat voor my geskryf het!