Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Island

Come, come, come to me
Sail upon your boat so white
Across the wide and empty sea
To my far off island of delight

There where the warm yellow sun
Bakes white sands and green palm trees
Where all of time becomes undone
To relax and sit on the island of ease

Here where the sea of crystal and blue
Is warmed by the hot tropical wind
Let us dive, swim, me with you
Into the ocean that has no end.

As night falls, bonfires will blaze
The drums resound with a new beat
Moonlit dances are the island ways
The bright nights radiating with heat

Counting stars and drinking coconut milk
Watching the world turn ever slow
The scent of large red flowers, like silk,
Covers everything with their fragrant glow

Come, come, come with me
Across the far ocean blue
To where white sands meet the sea
To breathe the air free and true

1 comment:

  1. sounds amazing after all this snow!!! nice descriptions :)