Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reflections in a Forest

“Will you love me?” asked the shining star
From up above in the heavens far
As she told her tale to the ears below
Of her hearts true love and teary flow

The small tree said, “I do but I don’t
As a sister dear but as wife I won’t
For our passions and vices are so near
That if we draw too close, our love will disappear.”

“Will you love me?” asked the moon so white
As she stopped half way in her nightly flight
And she guarded her heart with iron and steel
For once a wound made it would never heal

“O sister moon”, the tree did cry
“Stop not your climb into the sky
For my love for you is as a friend
And I wish you no harm come from my end.”

“Will you love me?” asked the sparrow black
As she sang her song of love and lack
Her words were piercing her meaning true
Love’s painful fires she had gone through

“Oh dear sparrow go seek another
For in your eyes I would be but a brother
The other waits ready to hold and heal you
And for you his heart burns ever true.”

“Will you love me?” asked the brown goose
As she wandered and pecked at the ground loose
Her wings were broken she could not fly
Her face was stern and she would not cry

“Oh gentle goose with wings all broken
I would not fool you with a love token
For I feel not love but merely empathy
Please do not mistake this, it is only sympathy”

Will you love me asked the smiling flower
With a hungry smile the tree to devour
Her stem was broken like the goose’s wings
But she lamented fiercely, of her plight she sings

“Smiling flower,” the tree said with grace
Let not just smiles but truth grace your face,
I’ve seen your pain, but as with your kin,
Not love but compassion I have within”

“Will you love me?” asked the scarlet rose
Surrounded by thorns and many foes
With dew drops upon her petals of silk
To tempt all creation with her aroma and milk

“No fair rose, your time here is brief
And mine also you’d steal like a thief
But wither thy beauty shall in time
Then lucky will be I when thou aren’t mine”

“Will you love me?” asked the flickering flame,
“For you know me deeply by many a name,”
And the flame spoke truth but with grace
Having knowledge, and wisdom and also faith

“O my flame, my passion thou art!
For thou I have hid my eternal heart.
But wait anon, till I see score and four,
Then in the hearth together forever more.”

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  1. i don't know why, but there's something terribly sad about this poem... it's very beautiful, and makes me want to cry! (in all the best way, of course)