Monday, December 22, 2008

Robins in the Snow

Like robins in the snow so are you and I,
Here in a world so cold yet bright,
The bittersweet cost of living life
Enjoy the time before eternal spring
Takes away this precious time

Like robins in the snow, us two,
From branch to frozen branch we wing
As we call to each other ‘cross frozen space
Where voices seldom trod the silence
For we are together alone

Like robins in the snow, me with you
Shall we continue playing on the breeze,
Between frozen branches and cold wind
Making snide remarks to the ancient trees
Too soon childhood withers away

Like robins in the snow, together apart
A veil stronger than glass itself stands here
Your eyes I see and yet do not in my eyes
But deep in the red places of my heart of hearts
Let us fly once more in the morning hour

Like robins in the snow, we and us
Were made to endure the long winter hours
To sing, to wing, to call and make merry
For spring is coming, is coming, is coming
And soon no longer shall we be
Like robins in the snow

1 comment:

  1. ouluk! miskien sit jy al te lank in die sneiu :)