Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Last Door

You told me to run
So I ran as fast as I can
And my legs were like a drum
And my heart was like a furnace
I gasped for air like underwater
And still your broke my bones
Because you were just too heavy
My ribs could not keep my heart inside
And my mouth screamed with pleasure
The purest pleasure as your teeth sank
And gripped into the deepest part
Your mane hung about your shoulders
And I was lost in your golden boughs
I could climb your golden shoulders
I could search for your golden eyes
But then I found your laughter
And the I couldn't stop the tears
Call me to your country
Let me in by the Stable Door
Plato was right and I am a shadow
Your light consumes me and I am gone
Stars will rain in showers
The sun will soon go out
I am just a shadow
And you are not tame

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