Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jacob's Mistake

He stood in a room
Empty and threadbare
Where the light was grey
And there were no walls
He looked to his left
And saw her standing
Facing his way
With her veil now drawn
He looked to his right
And there stood another
Facing the sunrise
Burning nothing pink
He looked from the one
Back to the other
Faceless were both
Save for one set of eyes

He stepped from the pillar
Where he hung by a spear
Piercing his side
To gain wisdom
He reached for the one
Crying, "To me my love!"
Her veil was torn
Her smile foreign
He backed away
Away from the one
Crying, "No, not you!"
But he was immobile
He turned on his side
Still bleeding with knowledge
To see the other
Now turning
He saw her veil
Was already taken
Her eyes were wide
As the sea
He lost his voice
As the sun rose behind her
Her smile was sad
As she disappeared
"Rachel! Rachel!"
He cried but no answer
The room was now gone
And so were the two
The stone rolled shut
Sealing his sepulcher
In darkness he slept
With his fathers

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