Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bittersweet Victory (Incomplete)

Gliding on her gilded wings
Swift Nike comes to me
Sweet Goddess over Victoy
Garland-weaver to kings
Comes to me within my dreams

Touching tenderly upon the ground
She turned with eyes of grief
Her voice as sad and sans relief
My heart would break at the sound
Morbid each word echoed and rebound.

"The battle pieces have been thrown
But ere the first's pike's clash
Or silver swift flying arrow flash
Lo, the flag too soon been shown
And white already been flown,

And now sent, I have come unto thee
Not clothed in garments of gold
But in iron that burns so cold
For though I stand here as you see
I am but a hollow Victory."

"Milady, please, I do implore,"
I said now upon bended knee
"If thou'rt but a hollow Victory
For reason stand thou here before
the one who, thou so adores.

Why come upon thy gilded flight
If there has no battle been
And the sun no blood has seen
How can laurels bend with thy might
Crown a victor without battle's sight?"

"Thy adversary has now withdrawn"
The gildless goddess spoke in tone
That froze fire and melted bone
"The worthy one, who did not warn
Attacking on that fateful morn

She who crossed thy river's bands
She who breached the great walls
Toppled your gates beneath her soles
She who came upon thy lands
So innocently in song and dance

O son of man that you could not know
That the Siren's call was near
In danger all you held dear
Your kingdom come to overthrow
At the way her eyes would glow

But you saw through that disguise
And drew your sword to make war
To play the games that boys so adore
But you did not see the fear in her eyes
The truth behind the truth behind the lies

Now she has withdrawn beyond your reach
And you still speak of making battle
While your spear and sword rattle
Because your own heart has heard her's beseech
That there is something for her to teach."

"But how, O Goddess, can I find her now
For she has made it clear

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