Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Even the Red One

"Shall we dance"
The music asks
But all I can rasp in my mind is
Need a moment to think
Some space to breathe
You're overtaking me too fast
And when I look at your smile
I miss childhood again
When things were so cut
I like you and you are my friend
So we'll play together
And I'll share the crayons
Just not the red one
Thats mine
I look at your smile
And I miss those teenage years again
Uncertainty in every step
The bounce of possibility
So much joy and fear at each breath
The horror of the first disappointment
Nothing will ever taste as bitter as those tears
But we are in a different year, you and I
And while things turn slower
And lines fade to grey
How can we find the dancefloor
When all the lights have gone out?
But now there are certainties we can draw from
And I know the floor is there
Even if I cannot see it
And I know that you are near
Even if it is dark right now
So I shall reach out with childhood clarity
And I will hold out my hand and say
"I like you and you are my friend
Lets dance together
And I will share my crayons
Maybe even the red one.
If you like. Shall we dance."


  1. This made me laugh out loud. I love the theme, the message, and the gentle, wistful delivery. I've also noticed that as you progress with poetry, you've become more and more adept at isolating the more powerful words or phrases, so it's a seamless string of images with none of the "fluff" in between, something I struggle with in my own poetry. Magnifique :)