Monday, November 21, 2011

What was reflected in the glass

It hovers
Just there above the pulsing highway
That runs from my heavy heaving heart
To the points of my finger tips
The cool of the cut is so near
I feel it's presence like an old friend
My friend
You hover there above the artery of my soul
That bleeds across my bedsheets tonight
Runs along the contours of my blanket
And streams in long, thin streams
To the pools on the cold floor
That dripping sound is an empty echo
As empty as the memories of us
So rich in potential
And yet here we are
Or more accurately here I am
Your oblivion is envious
Your careless acts like a million shards of glass
I can only crawl across this hard floor
Snatch up each shard as a precious memory
And slowly drain away all feeling, all pain
I am beginning to lose hope for us
Not that there was any there to begin
But the more I lie here
Under their heavy gazes
The more I understand that that future was never real
That it was a virtual future
A game that I played in my head
Where only one ending was ever sure
But I refused to even think about it
Because I knew that reality burns much too hot
And you cannot hold it for too long
Before it marks you, scars you forever more
But I have beat reality at its game
I have drawn my own scars already
Form their lines according to my designs
But even now there are still these two beating arteries
That somehow refuse to connect
And I am loosing hope for them
I am loosing all my hope
And soon I may give up altogether
On this hope
On this dream
On this empty life
Lying alone on the floor

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