Saturday, November 26, 2011

To Truly Own It

There was a time
When I would have had you come
All you who were wearied
All you who were heartbroken
And I would have spoken those words
Those words of empty comfort
Words I had no right to speak
Because they were not mine

But then I was the wearied
And now I am the broken hearted
And I feel the weariness of you
And I feel the breaking of you
And now only do I have words of meaning
Those words I have every right to speak
But I cannot speak them
They hurt too much to say

Depart from me now all of you
All you who are wearied
All you who are broken hearted
Depart from me all you who need
All you who are empty
I am only a man
I am empty just as you
We are the empty people
Created empty
Left empty
To die empty
This is who we are

Let us not speak soft words without meaning
To make a comfort that we do not own
This world is a craving and necessity
A hunger pang we can never sate
Shall we look to the brightness of morrow
When today is ashes and still so grey?
We are mortal man and empty woman
We are the sons and daughters of laborpain
We do not live in the morrow
The only day we have is the day of today

We do not own tomorrow
We can only own our today
We may stand alone together
But we will stand alone either way

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