Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Final Farewell

Hello it's me again
I know its been a while since we talked
But I felt like I should call
At least to say one last thing
It's not that I want to
In fact I dread the sound of your voice
Not because it has lost its song
But because I can still taste the venom
That was left on our lips
When we last spoke
With words so poisonously sweet
So I'm here on your answering machine
Trying to leave you just one last thought
That today as I was sitting at our place
That one that smells like you and looks like me
The one we ran around in the night
The one we sat so close to the firelight
I thought of you and I began to wonder
Can I ever find anyone else to love like you?
Not to be overly romantic
I know it's a sentament as old as love itself
But to find another seems so vital
When love has been the only thing for so long
The only reason to stay alive
But now I've looked at the competition
And the truth is it's not looking so great
It's not that you were really all that special
Its just that a love built over so much time
Built like a castle with layer after layer of stone
Makes everything else afterward
Look like nothing more than a mud hut
And even as the sweetest of our memories
Comes on dainties step to my call
Following close behind is her sister, dread,
Those things I wish I could rather forget
The times when I felt like giving up
When faced against fears and uncertainty
The times when I had to give of myself
And give and give and still smile all the while
Its not to sound like some martyr
I chose this and I bore it with all gladness too
But to call it anything other than a burden
Is to make a fool and a folly of what love truly is
To love is to carry the heaviest burden of all
To love is to fear the greatest fears of all
To love is to lose the greatest part of yourself of all
To love is to die a thousand deaths over and over again
Because love is not an easy thing
No it has never been an easy thing
And the truer the purer the greater the love
The harder and heavier its burden has been
To feel a great pressure that builds so strong
That is the pressure of a love growing great
And I hate myself to thing that the reason we ended
Was because you and I were both afraid of this love
Growing so large and getting out of hand
Is it possible that maybe we needed not to let love go
But to let go of the control we so desparately craved
A thousand different paths play in my mind
What if you had
What if I had
What if we had done something different
But its too late now, isn't it
You' ve gone and I let you go
We are both to blame in all of this
Come sit and share the blame with me
We both loved so greatly
We both feared that love
Feared to get hurt
We both gave up on that love
We both let it go when we shouldn't have
And now we can both only sit
And feel the sand of regret
Run over our skin
Drying, parching, longing for that season
When we ran in the rain
When we sought Him together
When the world was simpler
But that day has passed and so has the season of our love
And I guess there's no point in telling you all this
And so I guess I won't call you back after all
And I won't leave this message on your answering machine
And you won't hear me say my final farewell
Hello, it's me.
So long, my love, my friend.

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