Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bitter Taste

This is not a night for sleep
This is a night for the breaking apart
The night when that kept in the deepest
Is finally expunged from all thought

Feel it there, that fimiliar ache
The breaking of the heart as it cries out
Feel the shortness of the breath
Feel the will to live slowly fade away

Because as love is the giver of life
Draining love is like draining blood
Slowly the warmth leaves completely
Until nothing is left but the darkest night

And the feeling and thought slowly rises
The horrid truth that no one wants to see
That perhaps that was all the love to be given
And there would be no more to be received

A life consigned apart and alone
A life to be lived in quiet contemplation
A life forever to taste that bitter truth
That we are always like this. Always.

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