Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not I

Have you ever had a secret
You wished you could tell someone
But you knew you could tell no one
And it slowly killed you from the inside
Because the only person you actually wanted to tell
Is the only person you could never tell
And so you had to keep on going
As if nothing bothered you at all
And pretend you didn't want to scream
Have you ever had those dreams
In which you were finally yourself
And no one judged you for being you
And no Provedencial eye would frown
For the shape He laid your frame in
And then woken from that world
To remember none of it was real
Except the anvil in your chest
That was still all too real
Have you ever felt like this
Probably not. That's okay.
Neither have I.
Not me.
I'm fine.

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