Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Word

What started this avalanche?
A simple pebble dislodged from the side
Of the mighty mountain's peak
A simple word spoken without thought
Its echoes reverberated through the valley's gape
And every tree shuddered with its sound
And nothing would ever be the same again
Snow packed down by years of frost
Laid down in winters, primal and young
Accumulated over so many years
There was so much snow, so so much
And that one word was all it took
Took to break apart those invisible walls
Those floodgates that had held all back
And then the mountain rumbled intensely
And the snow began to move after years of still
The snow slid sown the mountain with slow purpose
Like the white bridal gown sliding off tender shoulders
That rumbling, churning, wall of destruction
Dislodged danger summoned by a word
A single, simple, lonely little word
It broke the mountain's face apart
And revealed the granite hidden for so long
And the tumbling, grinding, insatiable snow
That broke away trees planted in nice neat rows
It cascaded over lodges, over pines and burrows
Nothing was scared nothing was spared
The destruction was coming to all the same
What started this avalanche this painful metaphor?
One word was all it took on that day
One word from you is all it's ever taken

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