Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You Are Like the Sea

I look at you and what do I see?
Where do I begin to describe your beauty?

In yours eyes I see the colors swirl and eddy
The icy greys of the far northern seas
The clearest blues of the deepest leagues
The green-turquoise of the tropical shallows
All mixing into each other soft and mellow
And the center bursting forth is golden bright
Like the sun on the waters at the first light
And the way your eyes shine when you laugh or cry
Like the stars reflected from the night sky

Your hair falling free like the waves of the sea
Crests that rise and ride and fall so freely
When you walk or you run the glorious breakers resound
When you sit or you sleep the stillness of the calm abounds
Like the sea spread across the world’s horizon all days
Your locks spread across your pillow like the waves

I look at you and do you know what I see?
How can I begin to describe your beauty?

Your skin is like the shore of lost islands, truly
White sands stretching forth without end
No rock or shell or blemish to which to tend
Silky soft like the sand, warmed by the sun
Untouched by man, uncharted by anyone
How I long to bury my hands in your hands
And feel again the warmth of your island sands

The way you sit and the way you stand
Like the smooth wandering curve of the strand
The line where waters meet the shore
Such graceful path, your movements even more
Flow and glide so gently and so smooth
Sublime like the seas are your every move

I look at you, do you know what I see?
Where do I begin to describe your beauty?

Your heart is like the ocean, giving so freely
And just as the ocean it’s too large to measure
And just like the islands it holds so much treasure
And as the ocean’s fury can be stirred up so too
I have seen the anger stirred up within you
But just as the sea grows calm so quickly
Your love always conquers and you forgive so easily
And this shows me your heart is as big as the sea
And I would sail and explore it, if you would let me
To seek out its hidden islands and treasures and ways
To sail in your seas for the rest of my days

I’m left speechless by your beauty
All because you are like the sea

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