Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love Song #3: Today

I forced myself
To remember the curves of your smile
And not cry
By complete accident
I heard a song
We danced to it so long ago
Do you remember
Probably not
Hearts are heavier for little boys
It is why we pretend not to care
My heart was heaviest then
In the summer by the oak tree
When you first stole it away
And hid it in your eyes
Now I try to remember their color
And smell your hair with my mind
Capture the glow of the moon on your shoulders
As fireworks lit up our sky
By the steps by the water
By the place I fell in love
My first love
My last love
If your love, like those lapping waves
Should ebb and flow with the moon
May the moon stay forever full
And our hearts forever true
Today was a hard day
Being so far from you
I remembered your smile
And so, it was a good day too.

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