Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Song #4: Eyesong

How I long to spend the hours
Unraveling their lines
Going deeper
And find the hidden corners
Where hide the stars
That shine when you smile
I look into your eyes
I think... I see
I see your fear and apprehension
I see the hope you held so long
I see the hard road you walked on
I see a cry deep within
Let me hold you in my arms
Just as close as you want me to be
And gaze into your eyes
And as I read you, can you read me?
I'm saying don't be afraid
I'll always be here for you
I'm saying dare to dream big
This is all more than real
I'm saying you don't have to walk alone... not any more
But most of all, my eyes are singing
Singing to your beautiful eyes
A song that transcends all the other thoughts
and voices and people that would come between us
A love song
And now I think I hear, faintly but true
A love song rising
in harmony from your eyes too

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