Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Song #5: Untitled Love

Across the dark night sky
No moon, no stars to see
Across the cold distance
In between the frozen atmosphere
Across the sharp emptiness
Tinkling glass echoes around
Across the frozen universe
My heart's cry will break

Like the waves upon the rocks!
Like the hurricane upon the land!
Like the tulips from frozen ground!
Like the torrential waters of a mighty dam!

Rushing across space, across time
Rushing beyond barriers and miles
Rushing upon the wings of the dawn
Rushing to find you, wherever you are

To tell you...

That I love, I love, I love
I do, I do, I do! I do!
I love, I love, I love, I love!
Only you! Its always been you

Now let the lightning fill the night sky
Now let the heavens and earth be moved
Come what may, it will not matter
Nothing can change how much I love you!

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