Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love Song #2: To the Wandering Love

To the Wandering Love

I woke in the early morning hour
And I climbed the mountain so high
I waited, breathless in the blue bower
Waiting as the sun came to the sky

I greeted the morning sun so bright
I greeted this glorious new day
For now all things will be made right
I can already hear your feet on the way

A lifetime I have waited so long
And yet all of it seems but as a dream
For though far, you have never really been gone
Things like this are never what they seem

Do not doubt our love, never fear
Even in a sea of people, it's you and I
And whether you are far or near
All I see is you and I hear every sigh

Each moment with you, a precious pearl
To be treasured forever in my heart
What the future hold soon will unfurl
Ever together, even when apart

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