Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love Song #1: Where will we go today?

Where will we go today?

Where will we go today?
Far across the mountains tall
To stand on top of the whole world
Where we can see all?

Where crisp and cool mountain air
Tickles our lungs as we cross glacial streams
While dancing in the falling snow
Making snow angels while we speak of dreams

Where will we go today?
To the desert far with its canyon deep
To rest beside the river there
And feel the warmth of the summer heat

To float down through the bends and turns
Beside layers of sunset set in stone walls
To drink the sweet water gurgling there
Beside a hundred waterfalls

Where will we go today?
The wide plains of savannah gold
With wildflowers mixed between the grass
While a thousand crickets sing songs untold

Where the world is far and the sky is bluer
And the clouds form castles and beasts untame
And the lightning forms a curtain
As we dance in the warm rain

Where will we go today?
Rise upon the wings of the setting sun
Sail upon the barge of the moon
And leave behind everyone

To dip our hands in the night sky
And count the stars as they come out to play
To lie upon the soft nebulous galaxies
And simply float away

Where will we go today?
Whether mountain tall or canyon wide
We can go anywhere in this universe
As long as I’m by your side

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