Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just say it

I meant it
When I said goodbye
"We" was not meant to be
Nearly as soft as some people say
You and I had our time
We spent the hours long and lonesome
You are the one that wanted to go
You are the one that made the pain
Don't come back to crying times
Now the sun has gone
And night cannot be stopped
Clocks only run in one directions
Rivers don't flow uphill
Fires do not make pictures
Memories cannot be forgotten
You should have left then
When you heard me say "good night"
But you just had to stay
And have your say
And now look where we are
I won't pretend regret
I can't fake remorse
You brought this on yourself
I am not sorry
But I also didn't seek it
The bed was made
By most careful hands
Now its past bedtime
And the sheep have all gone home
Where will you go?
This is not the end of compassion
This is the start of "apathy"
Don't lie too long in regrets now
Just say "Good night" to me too
Just close the door
On your way out

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