Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Fragmented Mind

Come O april
You month of lavenders and lilacs
Let us break ground together
And spill the seed upon concrete
Where will the dandelion's face
Ever break through
In the land of death
Where the lions roam
I have never been
She answers to the stars
Rome is so so far
I reply to the lilacs
The lions are so so close
Closing doors are difficult
Opening doors are difficult
The world grins on difficult
Which cult to grind today
On and on the wheels still turn
Ancient and decayed and festooned in dandelion
Where are the lilacs
Your voice cracks like the ground
We push these heaps of dust
Glowing orange and warm
We know that they will kill us
But still we sweep our little brooms
Pile our piles and heaps so high
So high and still no enlightment
The light switch ever out of reach
We are back in the bedroom
Hideous clowns on the walls
Something slithers beneath the bed
And the night-lights
Go out one by one like death
And we reach for that lightswitch
But enlightment is always out of reach
We turn to face the monster
We can't
And break the mirrors instead
Come with me to the water
We will bathe our broken hands
And pick shards of truth out
And let them drift away on the water
We shall no more these tears cry
We shall sing the song of the birds
And steal their words away
Till no more dumb beasts are these
We break their smallest hearts
And feast upon their lilacs
This is how lilacs are grown
In April month of terrors tears
This is how we hunt for gold
The secret hearts within
Break the circus open
Peel the sides off and look inside
See the man standing before the chess set
See the man dancing with the queen
So soon they all will weep
For the ringmaster was with them
And now is not
And we know the secret of the cave
That ought to have been left there
Along with the smallest coffee cup
We break the bread of sorrow
And it tastes like lilac and sharp truth
It cuts our tongues
And we bleed truth and pain from gaping mouths
Mouths meant to remind us of the cave
The secret of the cave in the circus
How now Control
Are you giving up already?
Do you lie here next to Apathy and weep
Drink yourselves into oblivion
Sleep in the land
That never knows the smell of lilacs
Sleep in the place
Where you do not need to fear
The dandelions under your bed
Where all the knightlights stay lit
And burn like helmets in the sun
Go to sleep my children
Break apart and collide again
Reform and reshape my children
Swept down the stream
Fragment into dream

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