Friday, April 6, 2012

Her name is Enigma

Sorrows tinge your smiles
And distraction steals your eyes
I try to discern your look
Why are you a closed book?
A wisp of smoke, here and gone
I cannot seem to grasp, you alone
And then the words from your lips
Conundrums and the ice bergs' tips
Confounding what I know to be true
You weave the world as it fits you
Until now I've ever only read
About women, its been said,
Who could make the world as they please
Sorceresses and enchantresses these
So are you some nymph then in human frame
Or siren merely playing at some pixie game
For again I say it for no other words will do
There is none with the same enigma that is you
For your mystery does not decrease with time
Nor can reason surface the more that I rhyme
Your mystery is like the greatest sea
And in the small tide pools is where you'll find me
It is frighteningly big this strange unknown
Who knows what treasure and wonders will be shown
I fear it, I crave it, I am drawn to your depths
Knowing I may never know why your eyes have wept
I still feel the siren call of your eyes
Maybe love, who knows, what in those depths lies
I am careful to embark on this path unprepared
But only from greatest risk come treasures uncompared
May your seas be truly as large and as deep
May your treasure be true and your secrets do keep
Let me chart your waters and sail your main
Let me learn to know you a bit better again

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