Sunday, April 8, 2012

Admiration Well Placed

I admire you
No, I shall not call it love
Not yet anyway
Too soon to tell
Maybe time shall
All I can say
For now
Is I admire you
And the way that you smile
With truest heartbreak
At those unwell
And how brave you are
So much braver than us
You hide not your heart
Or your compassion within
Behind veils of lies
And arrogant airs
No you feel the aches
And sighs of the old
As if they were yours
A hundred times over
You weep with the broken
AS if each time was your own
Your own precious heart rent
You smile with the simple
Those ever heaven's children
And while the rest of us
Look away in discomfort
And truly in fear
You look into their eyes
And you find their souls
So sweet and so trusting
So innocent and pure
Maybe you can find them
Maybe you understand
Because your own heart has been broken
Your own eyes have grown old
Your own life has been shaken
And you only grew sweeter
And more innocent like them
Maybe I am wrong
Maybe I am right
Maybe I'm in love
But for now
I can only say
I admire you

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