Friday, October 28, 2011

Lethe's Flight (Unfinished)

How strange are these
children of the tears
that poor Lethe shed
Ere she fled from that lord
So noble of birth
And whose kingdom vast
Encompasses the earth
And whose dark form
All mortals turn to in time
When my lord Aides did
In the summer of her youth
Pursue that fair nymph
Through subterranean ways
Where cthonic streams
Gurgled from the mirk
And seeped across landscapes
Never yet blessed by the sun
Nor moon, or twinkling star's faint light
Where Night and Day have no rule
But all is shadows and shade
And the dominion of the lord
Of the darkest realms

When Lethe, still in her youth,
Did seek refuge from his unsought suit
She called in voice of supplicant tone
To her father great Okeanous of old
That Great Circumference of the world
And raising prayers and her tears
She cried to him and said, "My Father,
Great Circumference of the world
Shall the immortals now look upon you with shame
And say your power has diminished since those days
When first you bound Gaia in her place
She whom all the immortals spring from
Shall the acorn now say it is mightier than the oak
So rise up now and stir from your sleep
Lest your daughter's tears go unheard
And the immortal gods who dwell on Olympos
Say no more strength dwells in your arms
To save even her you once called dearest to you!"

And whilst the nymph praying her father so
Was yet in the field of the boulders
That barren wasteland that lies twixt
The realms of fiery Tartarus to the south
And the shadow regions from wence rise
The seeping Styx, that curs'd river
Upon which even Zeus does swear
And where even vampyric furries
Fear to fly when by them selves
And so running she in that bouldered land
Heard the young lord in high chase behind
His victory near, his prize in hand
That her father turned his aged head
And heard the pleas of the simple nymph
And rose a might wall in that plain
Twixt his daughter and the lord
who commands Cerberus the dog of three

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