Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hated Decisions

Each day I hate you less
Just a little little less
And I seem to find the space
To start breathing once again
When I hear the songs once ours
When a memory once sweet
Threatened to overwhelm
Now less strength carries it
But your love has been a poison
And I drank deeply every day
Until it burned away my marrow
And ashen was my soul
Your love was an addiction
An addiction for myself
I loved loving and loving you
Being loved was falsest health
For under the guise of smiles and poesy
Under the light of fireworks and the moon
Your love was a vine wrapping around me
Boa constrictor to my art and my muse
But your poisoned arrow
Was doubly tipped
For not only was my art affected
But then also did your bitter taste strike
And extinguished my trust's light
And now when I feel another heart beating
When I look at her standing close by my side
When I see another whose love is worth keeping
The barb in my chest reminds me by tide
That once I placed my trust in a girl
Once I made her my entire world
Once I loved her with all of my being
And she tore it and broke it and spat on my dreams
And so the raven comes to my heart
And speaks to my logic, my hurt, and my art
And reminds me the vow the broken must keep
Nevermore nevermore until I sleep
Love is not near nough with Lethe in kind
To make me forget the poison of your kind

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