Friday, October 28, 2011

And then you had to Come

I thought that I knew what I was talking about
And then you had to come
And I thought I knew what I was doing about
These thoughts and feelings inside
And then you had to come
I thought that maybe the inevitable could be avoided
That, I don't know, maybe things would change
Or that maybe knowing would make it easier
And then you had to come
And even though no matter which trail
I follow the ends are none of them good
Even the best, the very best end
Will never be the happily ever after
And then you had to come
I thought I understood the star cross'd lovers
Till now
Now I know that they had it easy
Things in the real world get much too complicated
And I feel like I'm rambling again...
And then you had to come
But I know that day is coming
The darkest day for me
The brightest day for you
and because it is a bright day for you
It shall be both dark and bright for me
And because it is dark for me
I know it shall be bright and dark for you too
Because words never spoke
But spoken through a thousand acts
Can leave no doubt about where the piece stand
And what the final move must be
Has always must be
And then you had to come
Fate had a firmer grip on you it seems
Or maybe her hand on me
Has pushed you where I can never trod
This is not love scorned or unreturned
This is love returned even more full
Yet the deck is set against both players
And in the end Lady Luck is a cruel mistress
To throw two dice together in her bowl
Only to scattered them across the playing board
So far removed
And then you had to come
And I realized just what I wanted
And could never let myself have
For your sake
For my sake
Certain roads that beckon and call
Shall never be answered
Some adventures we will forgo
This all I had perfectly decided on
And then you had to come
And again each time I made up my mind
To set myself far apart
To resist your smiles and slurred speech
Each time firmer in my determination still
And then you had to come
And break harder your waves upon the dam
And break my will asunder again
And again
and again
Till once more I tasted the turkish delight
And knew the fruit and the tree it came from
And the taste of mortality on my lips
And then you had to come
And make me want after your poison yet again...

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