Friday, October 28, 2011

Eau d'Voux

It haunts my dreams
The scent I found
As I drew near you
It wafted and perfumed the air
Like Cleopatra's barge upon the Nile
I smelled the summer sun
Concentrated through years
Like the barley and wheat
When the wind blows through the ears
Ruffling wonton like a woodland nymph
Basking her golden skin in the sun
The scent of the reapers whose sickle sharp
Their song rising above the late summer sky
The golden ears of corn gather
Winnow and thrash till all remains
The perfect kernel of summer gold
Concentrated sunlight and with the scent
Of the woodland dances of midsummer eve
When bonfires large as columns for the sky
Lit the faces of young lovers and friends
Neath a star studded night
When the korn was baked into fresh bread
When the wine was new and the dance free
When ivy wound about fair youths heads
And the sound of singing filled the night
As warm breezes ruffled the trees
To pull the first of the yellowed leaves off
That is the scent I found on your skin
The scent of summer's last day
Filled with the joy and quiet contentment
Of days spent reaping the rich fruits
And drinking deep of Ganymede's cup
Were I to take eagle form
And disturb the cup and bearer
Who alone has this aroma about them
Living incense to drive me mad
Or remain unseen above
My eagle pinions ruffled by rough winds
To look only down at the distant figure
That Cleopatra, that Ganymede
I shall remain aloft
And not disturb the sleeping Endymion
Save to draw near and drink of the cup
While the sleeper dost sleep
But ere Dawn rises again I alight
And not disturb the Day with the Moon's presence

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