Sunday, August 2, 2009

You toy with me at every chance
A fleeting butterfly always out of reach
You flit between my fingers and the cracks in my heart
Weaving in places few have known

I cannot trust this sandy base
I cannot build upon the wasted land
I dare not let myself take a breath
When you get this close to me

Shackles weigh upon my legs
They stop the race before it starts
Where certain roads are pleasant paths
Their ends are far from the distant sea

I cannot let this feeling grow
But yet, perhaps, just a little while more
Perhaps, perhaps, playing with fire
Will not burn me, if I keep control

Can I keep control of my heart and desires
Would I want to, once my feet touch this slippery road
I dare not breathe when you're this close to me
Will I go my life, breathlessly by your side?

These childish thoughts, baseless and primal
Dwell in the darkest caverns of my primordial soul
Where the flesh rules king over my feelings
I will not descend into this dark hole

To fight the moment and triumph the instant
To have farther vision then the here and now
To persevere through fear and momentary desire
That is what set humans apart from the beasts

But sometimes that beastly nature still rages
And threatens the sanity of the celestial city
And in the midst of this war across my natures
I can only hold my breath when you draw near to me

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