Friday, August 7, 2009

Twilight of the Soul

Did you see him sitting all alone
With his back to all he'd ever known
Did you feel his breaking heart alone
As pieces fell from his soul?

When the sky grew soft and ashen white
And the earth became too cold
When his eyes were clouded with the sight
And time grew unsteadily old

Footsteps on this lonely path
It's alright, he's walked here before
He'll walk it some more
He's slowly slipping to the floor, to the door

Hidden far beneath his smiles
He cries beyond your sight
And he's gone for too many miles
And it all comes down to tonight

Breaking hearts make no sound
We break them easily
Shattered glass makes no sound
As this body breaks free

This mirror grows darker now
As this path winds to its end
Turn these eyes from themselves
Or will there be one less ________
If he only had a __________

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