Friday, August 21, 2009

To J.S. with all my enduring enmity

Ever more and more
I come to see
Your face as the item
Of my single hatred
Your confining eyes
That trap all ideas inside
That little shake
Of your brain dead head
When you dismiss me
Like some loathsome stain
You have scraped me down
Upon your welcome mat
Embracing me with daggers
And smiles
Your despicable lies
Choke my soul
And break the strength of my bones
I have never hated anyone
More than I hate you
But wait
One day
You’ll need me there
And I just won’t care
I’ll smile that same smile
You always grin at me
And I’ll say the same words
Your repetitive phrases
Of trite nothingness
What makes me hate you?
What causes this gash?
What makes my pen spill
With words so rash?
That I would even
Dare my soul to utter
That it is well and good
You will never be a father
But that curse, I stay,
It shall not depart my lips
For I know something far worse
This too shall eclipse
Hope once found
Shall shatter still stronger
Then no more will you have
Thoughts that are longer
These mysteries are plain
Or sooner will be
But for now I’ll smile
And take all your scorn
Within me
Continue on this path
O foul vexed man
And you will not like the end
Of your story

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  1. Hmmm. I don't know who this is for, but I feel like everyone has someone they could write this to, whether they realize it or not. I know I do.