Monday, August 3, 2009

Untitled Soul

You may have noticed
You may have seen
That these last few poems
Lacked titles or meaning

But maybe you saw
Maybe you caught a sight
That hidden deep within them
Are a sign and a fight

A three way battle
Over a worthless plot
A raging whirlpool
Sucking each tittle and jot

Where the world grows flat
And the sky turns sick blue
At the end of the bare road
Will it be them or you?

What is this meaning?
You think you know, but do you?
Reread them if you dare now
And if you catch it what will you do?

Give them titles, see if you can
When the meanings come together
Will you be able to stand?

The words are drying up now
They grow together fast
When we figure out how at last

The excuses like creeks in the summer
Are beginning to blow away
As things get hotter and closer day by day

Are they merely empty poetic musing
Meant to be misleading and

Or has a part of me leaked from my pen
What will you do then?

Less is more, so they say
So less I say then day by day

Where does this winding river flow?
As far down it as you will go?

The end draws near for someone's dream

Though endings aren't as bad as they seem

Can you taste the rain in the air

The good things coming before they're there

Coming to take away this care


You'll fare

Better as you dare

Your heart to bare

Take care







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