Sunday, February 8, 2009

What I saw

I saw them all gather,
Travel from near and far
They came by means many,
Boat, bus, plane, or car.

I saw the look in their eyes,
Excitement tinged with joy,
The Spirit of Life was with them,
On woman, man, girl, and boy.

I saw what they came for,
Why they waited for hours on end.
They sacrificed much to be here,
Something waited round the bend

I saw my generation.
And those who came before,
With eager faces, grip worn Bibles,
As they raced down through the doors.

I saw them worship You,
Thousands of voices as one.
And though there were many divisions
All came to praise the Son.

I saw them turn the pages,
Notebooks, Bibles, and hearts.
As You spoke to them of commitment,
Human nature, and grace’s art.

I saw a sea of faces,
As the call was made for the broken.
So many. O God, there are so many,
Lives now awoken.

In them I saw a quick glimpse,
A fleeting, shiver of light,
Before tears filled my eyes,
I saw Your eternity that night


  1. i really love this poetical reflection on gu... perhaps never done before. but it's beautiful. it's cool to see your heart and love for your generation come through on it.

  2. Dude..this is sweet! Good job, Jean!!