Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Watchers in the Dark

Funny how reading Tolkien, a single phrase can catch you and give you inspiration. :D


They watch, watch with gleaming eyes,
The stars, the moon, the things inside
They peer, they grope, they tear and bite
They seek, O how they seek, with all their might

They thirst for flesh, the sweetest meat
The reddest, plumpest, warmest heat,
That hidden deep within red heart
They ply and bend to reach that part

The place, the cave, the hidden chest
Where secrets kept are held the best
For there in secret, locked doors
Is what they so dearly yearn for.

So they beg, and plead, and beat their bones
On night and day, no moments alone
They hound, they chase, ever on they seek
They hunger and thirst to devour the meek

Their hands are red, shades of crimson and dark
Their faces are white, to hide black art
Their feet are bent, and they cannot walk straight
But their wings are worse, for they soar on hate

These foul harpies, ever watch they with care
To see a wrong footfall, or a stumble anywhere
Their talons quiver, each step laced expectation
Their voices screech louder as they growl with vexation

Scatter fiends, no manflesh shall you devour
For I am not so desperate as I seem in this hour
Rise, again, O glorious sun, once more arise!
That I too may stand up, even in their wretched eyes.

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